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06 September 2006 @ 12:33 am
I really am very tired.  
Well a lot has happened recently.

Most importantly my parents kicked me out of their house and then a few days later told me they really just wanted me to pitch in with the mortgage but then told me I should join the military. "The reserves so that you wouldn't have to leave". I think eighty percent of the reserves are in Iraq. I would agree with them whole-heartily if things were really tough but when you complain about living paycheck to paycheck after buying a huge house, pool, top of the line refrigerator, new counter tops, three motorcycles (total), and an expensive new sports car it's hard to have real sympathy. Aubrey and I decided that we'd be better off in Orlando anyway so we opted to move out. It still hurts that my parents chose a Saturn Sky Roadster over me. I kind of have a running joke with myself that if I went my sister's route and had a baby they'd let me continue to live here and would even care more but nothing is worth giving up my chances at stability. All things come to an end. I hate this house anyways; the years we lived modestly at squires drive as a real, happy family were some of the best of my life.

I have to find a job and we have to find an apartment. It's exciting but extremely scary considering we just have to take the plunge and do it all in one month.

I really love Aubrey. I can't imagine what I'd do without her. "She's my rock."(hahahahahaah) But seriously, she's my best friend and I want her to know that I appreciate everything she's done to help me out.

Speaking of best friends, I should call David. Things have been kind of hectic with the combination of all this and school that I haven't had a chance. He called five times today! I feel really bad about it because I know Stiggy's my best friend(male) and I haven't even remembered to call him. Sorry Daveed. Guess with whom I'm spending my winter break.

I'm really very tired.
_statusquo on September 6th, 2006 06:53 am (UTC)
Well prepare to stop worrying because you're in luck! I'm pregnant!
Josh Retiredsloth96 on September 6th, 2006 05:00 pm (UTC)
singmenewsom on September 6th, 2006 06:37 pm (UTC)
OHEMGEE!!! That sucks! I'm really sorry about everything...and I tried calling Aubrey last night, but no answer. So call me back because we're having a party this Friday and you can dance your cares away. Well, I hope everything works out!

P.S.- I can't wait to see the baby!
Josh Retiredsloth96 on September 9th, 2006 07:16 am (UTC)
It's ok because now we can have slumber parties without the 'rents being all "It's bed time" and "eat your peas!". Whatever, rules are LAME!

P.S.- I accidently kicked Aubrey in the stomach mafia style, so no more baby.