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Josh Retired
30 November 2006 @ 02:37 pm
This is my new livejournal; not that I'll use it anymore than this livejournal.

Josh Retired
31 October 2006 @ 07:55 pm
I hate posting/reading livejournal in the public computer lab. The knowledge of other people watching me makes me vomit in my mouth, but I have to wait for the life lagging lady. I'm not too happy at this instant because of a blunder I had on a test. No I have to go.
Josh Retired
18 October 2006 @ 12:18 pm
-My MIDI teacher is a self proclaimed geek and thus he gave us a reality show assignment:

"You were in the right place at the right time and a software developer has asked you to create some sample music for a video game project. Things are moving quickly, though, so you must create your sample immediately if you want to be considered for the gig.
Using Reason and/or Garageband, create a 60 second long sample that could be used as background music for an action side-scrolling shoot-em-up video game. The game is set on a desolate space station fighting evil zombie alien killing machines. Create music that seems appropriate for that setting.
In order to level the playing field, only software found in the lab is fair for use. That means Reason Adapted, Garageband, and other programs found on the lab machines. The full version of Reason and any other software you may have at home is OUT OF BOUNDS.
Grading is simple. There will be 1 winner per class, who will get an automatic 100% for the project and immunity on an upcoming quiz of their choice (in other words, they don't have to take it and get full credit). Four "runner-up" students in each class will get 95% on the project. Everyone else turning in a project will score 85%. Failure to complete a project will result in a 0.
Submit an mp3 of your finished project. Results will be announced on Thursday, Oct. 19.

-I was only mildly into the project at first but it turns out I really like scoring and sound tracking, because I haven't had this much fun on an assignment in a while. So with my new found passion I plan on throwing my card at as many digital media kids as possible in hopes that I'll be able to compose for some projects so I can build up my experience and resume.

I basically listened to Hip Tanaka relentlessly before I did my project. I'll post it later. I have some work to do.

-David is coming into town this weekend so we're going to have fun!... and do drugs...kill stuff, whatev.
Josh Retired
05 October 2006 @ 11:11 pm
I'm always reminded of the ending graphic on The Wayans Bros. The little boy says, "I made this." Everytime I make something I think in that voice. I made some shit pieces and I kept hoping for better and I think I finally managed but I won't be sure for five days. I'm movin' out like William Joel and I'm really excited; "too excited to sleep." I start training for retail Sunday. I'm making out like a felon; thirty days and I'm an adult. It all coalesces and becomes a happy stage and I'll dance and be honestly happy, hopefully. I'll miss my mom because she's sweet. I'll think of my dad and be glad that I'm out of the wrath's paths. I'll visit and it'll be nostalgic but only from the people as the place holds no relevence to me. I'm mmmooooo moooo mooovin' on and the new faces are fresh and friendly.\

Thanks over to my parents, sister, and brother in law - my parents in particular- for helping out so much. They've made a tough task seem timid.
Josh Retired
26 September 2006 @ 01:34 am
I start my new job at the Gamestop in Waterford Lakes next week.(I was given the job!)
Aubrey and I move into our apartment across from UCF later that same week.
The Flames have a plan to stalk the neighborhood.
I'm catching up with school.
This day in 1810 Sweden adopts a new act of succession.
Josh Retired
06 September 2006 @ 01:03 pm
The head stock is rushed and the background sucks. This is not a 3-d model.

Josh Retired
06 September 2006 @ 12:33 am
Well a lot has happened recently.

Most importantly my parents kicked me out of their house and then a few days later told me they really just wanted me to pitch in with the mortgage but then told me I should join the military. "The reserves so that you wouldn't have to leave". I think eighty percent of the reserves are in Iraq. I would agree with them whole-heartily if things were really tough but when you complain about living paycheck to paycheck after buying a huge house, pool, top of the line refrigerator, new counter tops, three motorcycles (total), and an expensive new sports car it's hard to have real sympathy. Aubrey and I decided that we'd be better off in Orlando anyway so we opted to move out. It still hurts that my parents chose a Saturn Sky Roadster over me. I kind of have a running joke with myself that if I went my sister's route and had a baby they'd let me continue to live here and would even care more but nothing is worth giving up my chances at stability. All things come to an end. I hate this house anyways; the years we lived modestly at squires drive as a real, happy family were some of the best of my life.

I have to find a job and we have to find an apartment. It's exciting but extremely scary considering we just have to take the plunge and do it all in one month.

I really love Aubrey. I can't imagine what I'd do without her. "She's my rock."(hahahahahaah) But seriously, she's my best friend and I want her to know that I appreciate everything she's done to help me out.

Speaking of best friends, I should call David. Things have been kind of hectic with the combination of all this and school that I haven't had a chance. He called five times today! I feel really bad about it because I know Stiggy's my best friend(male) and I haven't even remembered to call him. Sorry Daveed. Guess with whom I'm spending my winter break.

I'm really very tired.
Josh Retired
18 August 2006 @ 04:29 am
Liam, Sandy, and Landon came over last week to jam. Liam was a jerk but I can't blame him entirely because he was just being himself. He's change a lot and he just didn't fit my preconceived image. Sandy and Landon exceeded my previous expectations both as musicians and as friends. Thanks for sticking up for me, I wasn't expecting it. I realize they both have their own things going so it was nice to get one last jam in, though I wish it could have been just the three of us. Don't misinterpret me Kari because I was thrilled when you and Stiggy showed up. I taught Stiggy to play slow today. He's an uncontrollable drum beast. Aubrey and I went out earlier tonight and decided to go to a movie only to find that the only movie we would consider seeing was Snakes on a Plane. It was nice that we saw it though because we were planning on seeing it tomorrow and it would have been awful to compete with the crowds. It was exactly what everyone was expecting; a typical action/suspense movie with a bunch of nerd propaganda thrown in at the last minute. Think Anacondas but substitute Ice Cube with Samuel Jackson and the amazon river with a plane. It was still good and worth it for six dollars or less. It's just difficult to deal with "GUFFAW GUFFAW SNAKES ON A MOTHA FUCKIN PLANE BITCHES GUFFAW GUFFAW!" for two hours. I was disappointed with the crowd; I thought that the funniest/best line in the movie was totally ignored while the sweaty mass of internet wranglers behind us clawed their arm rests in anticipation for the promised phrase "I'm tired of these mutha fuckin snakes on this mutha fuckin plane", which was so obviously tacked on that it made me cringe. Enough with that. Sorry Allie, I think we were going to see it with you tomorrow, which we still will, but it was the only thing playing that we would even consider. Plus, it was perfect timing. We'll definitely see it again though. We have stories!

I still miss Kari and Stiggy even though the latter still visits. Even then, though, it seems like he's four hours away mentally. Give him back, Kari.

Aubrey's sleeping like a baby. I'm going to tuck her in.
Josh Retired
25 July 2006 @ 10:53 am
Lately I've been in comatose every hour I'm not in school because school, particularly my five hours of drawing, is sucking my young blood. I'm wet with anticipation to see how I will do this semester simply because I've really "givin' it my all" and "just went out there and di' it".

-Allie came over the other night soon followed by Stiggy and Kari, the latter because Sandy the Capricious stood them up in his languid fashion. Is it possible that Sandy, the timid little boy, has become a complete jerk? Allie let me shave off a piece of her eye, which makes her gansta, but not a piece of her hair. I shaved off a piece of mine to appease her, making me super gangsta. Everyone else gave me at least a sample of their strands. I'm not sure what I'll do with them and I should've prefaced all of this with "I was cutting my own hair when...."

-I was finally able to set up my drum set in the garage which I know no one cares about, but it's important to me. Thanks to David I even tuned up some of the drums so they sound better than ever and I have towels over them now so I can play as loud as I want... but not loudly! Yeah! Go Mom!

-David and Kari are moving away in an attempt to make me cry. Jerks.

-Aubrey is trying to be cool again. She was a real "Ar A Giay A" for a while but she's super again. Super serious.

-I only update this because Allie is the saddest person alive and lives off the essence she absorbs from the internet posts of others.
Josh Retired
I'll make suicide funny one day.

I started drawing this week, the class and the action, and I'm definitely "into it". I took the class before at Beer Can College; what it lacked in educational resource it made up in humor. We've already reviewed and practiced in three days what it took two weeks to work up to at BCC, so I'm elated with my decision to retake it at UCF. I enjoy drawing and designing; it's just too bad I'm the worst artist since Phil Collins[that's a low blow, Phil Collins rocks]. I remember the lukewarm days I spent dreaming of becoming a master programmer and then I skip to the realization that I hate programming. I thought I'd enjoy the activity because of the delight I derived from designing websites. It's only now that I realized I relished designing websites, not coding them. In my assessment, Programming is analogous to math- boring and smelly! [Attend a math/programming class. There's always one fat, smelly guy.]

This is an attempt to give myself a break from all of the work I'm currently doing. I have to keep myself busy or I'll loathe myself for wasting this time. BTW, I have 3 1/2 hours with nothing to do[4 today because Aubrey wanted to come early] before my class starts. To pass the time I've been training myself in music theory and reading the art book our teacher leaves out for us. It's a blast!
That's enough time wasted.

Props to Allie on her sweet ride up to ATL. You made it by yo' self gurl! ... or is it shorty? I'm so behind in the lingo you kids use.

Props to Aubrey on your piece. I know I was tired but it did look da bomb last night. I'm excited to see how it came out. Peace please!

Humorous pic to eschew the monotony of my posts soon to come!
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